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A new light brings a new hope


Dear 7amada

Eclipse is the first and the Only head-to-head double-blind

phase three clinical trial of Tremfya IL 23 inhibitor

compared with Secukinumab1 (IL-17 inhibitor)

in patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis2.

TODAY we are sharing the study results

in a less than 3 minutes video


For Adverse Events or safety related issues, please approach group mailbox PVNEMA@ITS.JNJ.COM.

For Product Quality Complaints and temperature Excursions, please approach group mailbox QANEMA@ITS.JNJ.COM

Janssen Lebanon branch +961 1 518700

1. Reich et al. Lancet 2019;394:831-9.

2. Tremfya EU SmPC, Feb 2019